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Lessons and Courses


Pottery sessions

Price list


1-2-1 / paired taster sessions

1 hour        £20     (wheel - £25)

2 hours       £35    (wheel - £40)


3+ persons

1 hour        £18 each

2 hour        £30 each


 Group/children’s Workshops/Parties

 From          £12 each

Prices include a decorating session at a later date


Weekly adult classes (2 hours)


2 hours       £15

3 hours       £20   (Friday class)


These are group sessions. Up to 5 people in a session. In these sessions you will be able to develop your own projects, learning hand-building and throwing skills. 

If you wish to attend weekly classes, and want to use the wheel, a 1-2-1 session is recommended beforehand.

Adult Classes


2 hours per week £15 per session


(Group sessions. Up to 6 people in a session.


In these sessions you will have the opportunity to learn not only the basic throwing skills, but to take your piece through the full process of trimming and glazing.


There are also options to hand-build and create your own unique projects.



IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER ON THE WHEEL, IT IS ADVISED THAT YOU ATTEND A PRIVATE SESSION ON THE WHEEL FIRST as it can be difficult to manage this during these sessions.

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